UTODA 'Awakula Ennume' buses hit the road

The Uganda Taxi Operators and Drivers Association UTODA is back to business after over two years in limbo.

The company under the brand name UTODA-Awakula Enume has unveiled eight 42-seater buses to ply routes near the city at subsidized fares in a move to replace the Pioneer Easy Buses whose status is unclear.

Utoda that plans to acquire 240 buses pledges to bring in more buses in phases.

Uganda market is a liberalized type where the survival for the fittest norm takes precedence. The Uganda transport sector is characterized with new entrants, exits, and returnees.

The once prominent Uganda Tax operators and drivers' Association that once exit the city business, has made a grand return. The transport tycoons have made a grand return with a different face, good enough to present good competition in the city.

The UTODA Awakula Ennume is the market brand name for the new green buses on the road offering fairly good fares compared to the defunct pioneer buses.

The Awakula Ennume is a co-operative society taking up a new role to provide competitive services in the transportation sector for the Kampala and surrounding areas.

Ugandans are always receivers, whoever comes with cost effective services at the time is always embraced.

Pioneer Easy Bus 100 trucks ran around Kampala streets chocking UTODA out of the market, the then market leaders with a niche in taxi business. But barely a year, the pioneer easy bus lost its market grip after failing to clear tax claims with Uganda Revenue Authority.  

When the company failed to settle its tax arrears, the buses were put on public auctioning and rumor has it that the competitor, UTODA expressed interest to buy off the cramped buses.

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