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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

President Museveni Defends Cash Bonanza


President Yoweri Museveni has defended the controversial giveaway of oil money to 42 senior government officials as a reward for winning a tax case.
Museveni told the NRM caucus earlier today the giving out of the money did not contravene any local laws.

Museveni Rallies EAC for Political Integration


President Yoweri Museveni says east African nations should focus on fast tracking the political integration process as a way of securing the stability of the region.
Speaking in his address to the east African legislative assembly in Kampala, the Ugandan president also implored east African nations to minimize importation of foreign goods to encourage investment in the region .

Electoral Commission Finally Constituted


Finally the Electoral commission team has been constituted after the swearing in of the chairperson and other commission whose first task in office will be to conduct the LC 1 elections that were last held 15 years ago.
The chief Justice Bart Katureeb ewhile presiding over the swearing in ceremony at the High court in Kampala called for quick resolve to the impasse surrounding the LC 1 elections, since their in existence has led to case backlog in the judiciary.

NSSF Targets Over 3000 Units of Blood in Donation Drive


The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has launched a blood donation drive aimed at replenishing blood banks around the country.The week long drive targets collecting over 3000 units of blood.

National Council for Higher Education Not to Revoke License Awarded to St Lawrance University


The National Council for Higher Education has lifted a notice of intention to revoke a provisional license awarded to St Lawrence University after the institution satisfied numerous requirements it had defaulted upon.
During the University’s board and council meeting held yesterday evening, the Chairman Board of Trustees Prof Lawrence Mukiibi said the poor communication strategy between the University Council and the staff among other causes prompted the higher education monitoring body to get suspicious of the university’s ability to provide quality education hence serving it with a notice of intention to revoke its license.

Court Stays Kabaziguruka Trial by Court Martial


The constitutional court judge Remmy Kasule has issued an interim order staying the general court martial from trying MP Micheal Kabaziguruka’s case.
Micheal Kabaziguruka is challenging the powers of the general court martial to try civilians

Kanyamunyu Not Committed for Trial


The Nakawa chief magistrate court has again failed to commit the murder case against Mathew Kanyamunyu and two others for trial to the high court.
This, after the state said they were still investigating and holding inquiries into the matter. Court then set 31st January when the trio return to hear their fate.

Gen Katumba: Old Soldiers Must Give Way for the Youth


The Outgoing Commander of Defense Forces General Edward Katumba Wamala has challenged old Turks in the Forces to give way for younger soldiers.
General Wamala says the army should be able to witness continuous succession with the old and tired making way for young vibrant officers. He made the remarks during the pipping ceremony of senior officers promoted last week at the Defense/army headquarters in Mbuya, Kampala.

Ettaka Libuutikidde Abantu e Mukono


Abantu b’omu kibuga Mukono baguddemu ekyekango abazimbi ababadde basima omusingi bwebabuutikiddwa ettaka nga ne gyebuli eno poliisi ekyayiikuula ttaka okuzuula abalamu.

Wetuggyidde ku mpewo ng’abantu ba bulijjo ne poliisi baakaggyayo abanu abalamu……n’abafu…..

Abantu 15 beebateeberezebwa okuba nga beebabuutikiddwa ettaka.

Abakugu Bakubye Ebibiina By’obwegasi Ebituli


Ebitongole by’ensimbi byaagala gavumenti esseewo embeera ebasobozesa okwongera okusensera ebyaalo okusembereza abantu baayo obuwereza obw’ebyensimbi
Christopher Musoke okuva mu kitongole ki Financial Sector Deepening agamba nti wasanawo amateeka agayamba okusiga ensimbi

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